We appreciate that many of you will be travelling from far and wide to make it to our big day and we would love you all to stay with us and party until the wee small hours! Although there are a limited number of rooms still available in Ballymagarvey, there are lots of wonderful places to stay nearby too.


Self catered accommodation

There are also lots of wonderful options on AirBnB too.

Staying at Ballymagarvey

There are a limited number of rooms available at Ballymagarvey Village itself. We would love you to stay with us, party through the night and have breakfast together the morning after! If you decide to stay the night you can either call the reservations team on +353 41 982 5959 or drop them an email.

Please note, if you do decide to stay at Ballymagarvey, guests are only able to check in to their rooms after the ceremony. With this in mind, they encourage guests who are staying to arrive "dressed" and either keep their luggage in their car (if they have driven) or leave it in reception until after the ceremony.

If you need transport home or to your accommodation, Ballymagarvey is well serviced by a local taxi company.